Australian Alfalfa Seeds


Serving Size 50 g - Servings per kg: 20

  Average Quantity
Per Serving
Average Quantity
Per 100 g
Energy45 kJ90 kJ
Protein1.6 g3.2 g
Fat, total<1 g<1 g
- saturated<1 g<1 g
Carbohydrate<1 g<1 g
- sugars<1 g<1 g
Dietary Fibre1.1 g2.2 g
Sodium20 mg39 mg


Australian Alfalfa Seeds.

Product Origin

Product of Australia

Australian Alfalfa Seeds


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This Australian grown Alfalfa Seed is a horticultural product suitable for sprouting.

Grow amazing fresh alfalfa sprouts at home in your own kitchen – it’s easy to sprout for stir fries and salads!

How To:

Alfalfa sprouts are a fabulous addition to sandwiches, like egg and alfalfa, chicken and salad wraps and healthy salads, why not mix the alfalfa sprouts with our other sprouting seeds!

Also delicious popped on top of mini quiches or pinwheels after cooking as a healthy garnish.

Sprouting Alfalfa:

Alfalfa is easy to sprout in a glass jar and is ready to eat in just 2 to 4 days.  Have crunchy, nutritious sprouts for salads, sandwiches and stir fries at a fraction of the price of buying them.

Visit 7 Steps to Growing Sprouts to find out how.


Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. See Best Before date.


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