Australian Sultanas


Serving Size 50 g - Servings per kg: 20

  Average Quantity
Per Serving
Average Quantity
Per 100 g
Energy650 kJ1295 kJ
Protein1.3 g2.6 g
Fat, total<1 g<1 g
- saturated0 g0 g
Carbohydrate37.5 g75.0 g
- sugars36.6 g73.2 g
Dietary Fibre1.6 g3.3 g
Sodium<5 mg7 mg


Australian Sultanas.

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Product of Australia

Australian Sultanas


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A versatile pantry staple, great for sweet and savoury recipes!

These plump and juicy Australian grown sultanas are free from sulphites and additives so you can enjoy the pure goodness of these sweet delights.

They’re the perfect addition to a school lunchbox or afternoon snack platter, or used in baking and cooking recipes.

Australian sultanas make a handy snack on the go. With their natural sweetness, they provide an energy boost on their own or are the perfect addition to mixed nuts, seeds and other dried fruits. Add to school lunchboxes or include on an afternoon snack platter with a mix of fresh and dried fruits.

Breakfasts are made easy with Australian sultanas. Add sultanas to a jar with oats, milk of your choice, grated apple and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Place in the fridge overnight and in the morning you will have delicious and nutritious bircher muesli to enjoy. They also make a great addition to homemade mueslis, granolas and breakfast bars.

Use these sweet morsels in baking recipes, such as oatmeal and sultana cookies, cinnamon scrolls or a classic bread and butter pudding. Sultanas can be pre-soaked in a little water or juice before adding to baking recipes to prevent them from absorbing moisture from the batter or dough.

The natural sweetness of Australian sultanas complements many savoury dishes too. Sultanas can be added to Indian and Malaysian curries, and are a great way to balance the spicyness of these dishes. Add sultanas to Moroccan tagines and rice pilafs for a rich and sweet taste. Make a tasty sandwich filling by mixing shredded roast chicken with mayonnaise, diced celery and sultanas.


Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. See Best Before date.


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