Bamboo Tea Flask 450ml


Made in China

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Bamboo Tea Flask 450ml


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This stylish 450ml tea flask is made from stainless steel with bamboo on the outside making it comfortable to hold while it keeps your tea lovely and warm.

The tea flask is made from non-toxic BPA free high quality double insulated 18/8 stainless steel and is perfect for a waste-free tea.

The double-insulated design means that your tea or other beverage will keep warm for up to 3 hours or if you prefer an iced tea, it will keep it cold for up to 6 hours.

Even though disposable cups look like they are made of paper, they actually contain plastic (in the lining and lid) which is extremely damaging to the environment. Australians use around 1 billion disposable cups each year (that’s approximately 2.7 million coffee cups going into landfill every day). You can make a big difference by making a simple change to a reusable cup.

The Source Bulk Foods is dedicated and passionate about reducing waste as well as giving back.  Our stores are proudly plastic bag free.  We believe the extreme overuse of plastic bags, plastic water bottles and takeaway coffee cups is greatly affecting the health of our planet, marine life and waterways. What are you going to do to save the world today?

Our tea flasks are a perfect way to enjoy your tea and leave the environment with one less single-use takeaway cup.

This stylish cup makes the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.

This tea flask is not suitable for dishwasher.

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