Chocolate Dessert Platter Hamper

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Made in Australia from Australian and Imported Ingredients

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Chocolate Dessert Platter Hamper


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The Chocolate Dessert Platter Gift Hamper is like a beautiful grazing table all packaged up with a bow.  When it’s unpacked, the table will be laden with an amazing array of some of the most superb chocolates available.

Our suggestion is to open the handwoven box and use both the base and the upturned lid to spread the chocolates onto so they become trays to be passed amongst the guests. Don’t forget to cut open a couple of the chocolate strawberries so that everyone can see the stunning whole strawberry contained inside.

As well as the chocolate freeze dried strawberries will be the decadent freeze dried raspberries in their chocolate shell that’s been dusted with raspberry powder to give them a pink blush.  Also, the Salted Caramel Peanut Slab which is easy to break into shards to spread across the platter alongside the hugely popular Moon Macadamias and Amber Hazelnuts.  To top it all off, cut the chocolate honeycomb in half to show off its golden centre and dot them in amongst the TV Mix and Classic Almond Nougat.

This is an amazing gift to give, or take it as your contribution to a gathering with friends and family.  There is something in this box that everyone will enjoy.


Within the Chocolate Dessert Platter Gift Box will be:

70g Dark Choc Freeze Dried Strawberries
70g Milk Choc Freeze Dried Strawberries
70g White Choc Freeze Dried Strawberries
70g White Choc Freeze Dried Raspberries
50g Salted Caramel Peanut Slab
50g Moon Macadamias
50g Amber Hazelnuts
150g TV Mix
150g Chocolate Honeycomb
100g Classic Roast Almond Nougat

The Chocolate Dessert Platter is packaged into a handwoven box, made in regional Victoria, using food grade, reclaimed timber veneer.  It can be used many times over or saved as a gorgeous storage or display box.



Image for illustrative purposes only.  Display props are not included in the hamper.  For a list of inclusions, please see above.  

NOTE: Our chocolates are cool, but the weather is not. We will do our best to protect them when being delivered, but they may be heat affected if travelling long distances. Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that they will arrive in the same shape as when they left us.

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