Good Mood Hot Chocolate Gift Box


For a list of ingredients in these drinking cacaos and chocolates, please click below:

Organic Love Drinking Cacao
Organic Fire Drinking Cacao
Organic Vitality Drinking Cacao
Organic Creamy Drinking Chocolate


These products contain Tree Nuts.  These products may also contain traces of Sesame, Soy and other allergens due to cross contamination.


Packed in Australia from Australian and Imported Ingredients

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Good Mood Hot Chocolate Gift Box


So, let’s get a bit scientific.  Apparently, cacao contains tryptophan which your brain uses to produce serotonin which increases a person’s feeling of overall happiness.  We’re not scientists so we don’t know if that’s true, but what we do know is that drinking chocolate makes us really happy!

The Good Mood Hot Chocolate Gift Box will make your friends happy too!

This handwoven box of four organic drinking chocolates contains one for every mood – Love, Fire and Vitality Drinking Cacaos and the soothing Creamy Drinking Chocolate.

The three drinking cacaos are made from the finest heirloom criollo cacao beans grown regeneratively in the wild by the Ashaninka people, the traditional owners of the land.  The ethically sourced cacao powder is then blended in Australia with organic superfoods and then each is naturally flavoured.  Rose petals and coconut nectar for Love, cayenne pepper and cinnamon for Fire, and matcha and mint for Vitality.

The fourth in the box is Creamy Drinking Chocolate made from premium cacao blended with non-dairy coconut chocolate and coconut nectar to create an incredibly delicious drink that can be served hot or cold –  very soothing and restorative.

All of this is presented in four beautiful gift jars and inside a handwoven gift box made in Australia using food grade, reclaimed timber veneer.  It will become a delightful display or storage box that, when it’s not needed any more, is fully compostable.


In the Good Mood Hot Chocolate Gift Box will be:

Handwoven box made in regional Victoria
4 Display Jars with Bamboo Lids
90g Organic Love Drinking Cacao
92g Organic Fire Drinking Cacao
90g Organic Vitality Drinking Cacao
110g Organic Creamy Drinking Chocolate




Image for illustrative purposes only.  Display props are not included in the hamper.  For a list of inclusions, please see above. 

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