Herbal Billy Strawberry Gum Tea


Pesticide-free Australian Black tea, Strawberry Gum. Preservative Free, No Added Sugar.


This product contains Caffeine. This product may contain traces of other allergens due to cross-contamination.


Made in Australia from Australian and Imported Ingredients

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Herbal Billy Strawberry Gum Tea


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Herbal Billy Strawberry Gum Tea is a wonderful blend of traditional full bodied black tea with intense berry flavour of Strawberry Gum leaf.

The loose leaf Australian Black Tea in this mix is grown and processed in Far North Queensland without the use of pesticides; containing no added fillers or bulking agents. The delightfully aromatic dried Strawberry Gum leaf in this blend is wild-harvested from Victoria. Strawberry Gum is a native Australian plant found in Eastern Australian.

Indigenous Australians traditionally chew the leaves to enjoy the unique fruity flavour. Enjoy this delicious Herbal Billy Strawberry Gum Tea as a hot or cold beverage; or in the kitchen as a unique flavour boost to sweet and savoury recipes.

How to Use:

Pop the billy on the camp fire, or brew a pot of this vibrant Herbal Billy Strawberry Gum Tea and enjoy with a little honey or coconut nectar, or add milk to taste. Use this Herbal Billy tea as a base to create your own delicious blend, try dried spearmint or the great Bushfood substitute – Wild Mint.

Chilled Herbal Billy Strawberry Gum Tea makes truly scrumptious iced tea; just add mint and sliced citrus fruit for a fresh, cooling summer drink. Infused Herbal Billy Strawberry Gum Tea is an exciting addition to homemade ice-cream, gelato and puddings; or can add a subtle layer of berry and tea flavours when smoking or baking fish and meats.


Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. See Best Before date.


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