Just Add Cheese Gift Box


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Australian Premium Dried Pineapple
Organic Inca Berries
Australian Apricots
Organic Medjool Dates
Australian Dried Pears
Premium Raw Mixed Nuts
Almond Crackers

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Made in Australia from Australian and Imported Ingredients

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Just Add Cheese Gift Box


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Are you off to a picnic or party and want to take a cheese platter?  We’ve done all the work for you….almost.  We’ve put together a fabulous box of treats and goodies that go perfectly with cheese.  All you have to do is Just Add Cheese!

When you arrive at the party, spread everything out on a large platter and place the cheese. Scatter the dried fruit and savoury morsels amongst it. Easy!

A great idea is to add in a small jar of freshly made almond or peanut butter, cut open the medjool dates and put a teaspoon of nut butter inside each one.  These are really delicious!

Within the Just Add Cheese box will be:

50g Premium Dried Pineapple
50g Organic Inca Berries
100g Australian Apricots
100g Organic Medjool Dates
50g Australian Dried Pears
200g Premium Raw Mixed Nuts
200g Pretzels
60g Almond Crackers

All you have to do is add the cheese!


We take care to pack our gift boxes without any unnecessary and wasteful fillers.  All of our delicious goodies will be packed in a compostable, plastic free box made from recycled cardboard.

Image for illustrative purposes only.  Display props are not included in the hamper.  For a list of inclusions, please see above.  

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