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Written and published in Australia

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Make & Play


By Krissy Ballinger

Featuring 40 easy-to-follow, natural and fun recipes, Make & Play is written for kids, tested by kids, and designed to be made by kids!

Not only will they love watching the fizzy bath bombs explode, and playing with the sticky spotty goop, but they’ll have a blast during the DIY process.

Whether they’re aged 5 (with a little help) or 12, the kids are guaranteed to have hours of natural, planet-and human-friendly fun!


About the Author

Krissy is a mum to two children and is passionate about health, the human body and the planet. In her past life, she was a Health and Physical Education teacher.

Krissy woke up one day to the crazy number of ingredients in her cleaning and body care products, once she noticed what was going on, she began investigating and couldn’t stop.

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