Naturally Inspired


Written and published in Australia

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Naturally Inspired


By Krissy Ballinger

With 125+ simple DIY recipes, Naturally Inspired is the perfect resource for those on a mission to live a natural life free from avoidable toxins.

By replacing a few store-bought products with DIY alternatives, not only will you improve your overall health and wellbeing, you’ll also save money and reduce waste.

Spark your passion for everyday DIY with practical and easy-to-follow recipes. This is a book every family needs on their kitchen bench.


About the Author

Krissy is a mum to two children and is passionate about health, the human body and the planet. In her past life, she was a Health and Physical Education teacher.

Krissy woke up one day to the crazy number of ingredients in her cleaning and body care products, once she noticed what was going on, she began investigating and couldn’t stop.

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