Produce Bags 4 Pack Organic Cotton

Gently wash bags in cold water – bag will shrink slightly.


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Produce Bags 4 Pack Organic Cotton


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We are excited to announce our Organic Produce Bags are now available in our stores all around Australia.

The Source Organic Produce Bags are a wonderful reusable alternative to plastic bags; reducing the waste and toxic pollutants associated with plastics, while reducing your household use of non-renewable resources.

You can use these bags at the supermarket, farmers market or bulk food store to fill up with fruit and veg, bulk foods and anything that you would have normally put in a plastic bag.

This set comes with 3 different bag sizes as well as a mesh bag (perfect for fruit and veg).

Set includes:

1 x large mesh bag 35 x 45cm

1 x large cotton bag 30 x 40cm

1 x medium cotton bag 25 x 35cm

1 x small cotton bag 20 x 27cm

Care instructions:

Gently wash bags in cold water – bag will shrink slightly

Please be mindful that it is beyond our control in determining how this bag is sanitised once in your care.  For food quality and safety, we recommend you store this item appropriately and use produce within 3 days.

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