Stained Glass Window Cake Kit in a Bag

This product contains Sulphites, Gluten and Tree Nuts. This product may also contain traces of other Allergens.


Packed in Australia from Australian and Imported Ingredients

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Stained Glass Window Cake Kit in a Bag


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Perfectly named, this Stained Glass Window Cake will surprise everyone when they hold their slice to the light and see the jewelled colours shine through.  It is certainly a talking point and, even better, no one need know just how easy it is to make.

This recipe is as simple as combining all the fruit and nuts, mixing through the flour and then adding in everything else.  The trick is to press the mixture down firmly into the loaf pan to get that stained glass effect at the end.

And, here’s a tip.  Use the calico bag as a Christmas ham bag! Just wash it in 2 cups of water combined with 2tbs vinegar, squeeze it out and leave it damp when storing the ham in the fridge. Re-rinse the bag every couple of days.


Within this Stained Glass Window Cake kit will be:

The Stained Glass Cake recipe card
The calico bag
200g glace red and green cherries
100g glace pineapple
4 glace figs
160g mixed citrus peel
250g medjool dates
30g dried ginger
130g organic Brazil nuts
140g blanched almonds
160g organic plain white flour
1tsp mixed spice
110g organic raw sugar

You will need to add:

4 eggs
1tbs brandy or apricot jam (plus extra for glazing)


To give as a beautiful gift, present the Stained Glass Window Cake in a loaf tin decorated with glace fruit.  Pass on the recipe card as well to start a new baking tradition.


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