Australian Roasted Wattleseed


Australian Roasted Wattleseed.

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Australian Roasted Wattleseed


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Many varieties of Wattle grow throughout the arid areas of Australia. Wattleseeds are a food source that has been traditionally eaten by many Indigenous Australians, particularly in arid and desert regions, for generations.

After harvesting from the pods, the seeds are dried and roasted, ground into a flour, then mixed with water to make a dough, and cooked on the fire.

This wild-harvested, pesticide-free wattleseed has a subtle coffee-chocolate flavour that is delightful in hot or cold beverages, baked goods and raw food recipes.

How to Use:

To release the full chocolate-coffee aroma and flavours of wattleseed gently heat for a moment in a warm, dry pan before adding to your favourite recipes. This ground wattleseed is excellent as a hot beverage – especially scrumptious with warm nut mylk and cinnamon; or added to coffee, chai or hot chocolate for extra depth and richness.

It is also delicious in smoothies and shakes. Sprinkle wattleseed over your muesli or super-food bowl for breakfast, or add an extra level of yumminess to yoghurt and fruit salad. Wattleseed is also fabulous in muffins, fruit bread, cakes and puddings; or add this delicious bush food to muesli bars, energy balls and chia seed desserts. For the adventurous, add a little pinch to a spicy chicken or chilli black bean hotpot. Let your imagination and tastebuds run wild!


Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight. See Best Before date.


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