Braai Spicy Salt Rub 110g


Pimento, Cayenne, Cloves, Coriander Seed, Cumin Seed, Himalayan Salt, Nutmeg, Smoked Paprika, Black Pepper, Garlic Granules, Chilli Flakes.


Blended in Australia from imported and local ingredients.

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Braai Spicy Salt Rub 110g


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Presented in a glass tube spice jar with a bamboo lid, this dry salt rub combines sweet and warm spices including pimento, cumin and cloves with the zing of cayenne and chilli flakes. Braai is a traditional South African style of BBQ using an open flame. Our spicy Braai salt rub goes brilliantly with any meat or can be used with chicken, seafood or veggies.

A fantastic gift or countertop ready addition to your spice collection that can be used as a condiment or to add a flavour boost to savoury dishes.

It is made in Australia with all-natural ingredients and does not contain any artificial flavours or preservatives.

How to Use:

Rub this spicy mix directly into your preferred meat before placing it on the BBQ or grill. The natural juices of the meat will combine with the rub to create a delectable flavour and aroma. Braai salt rub is delicious with chicken, ribs, seafood or any cut of meat.

You can also use it as a seasoning in soups and hotpots. The sweet and spicy flavours are wonderful sprinkled over chargrilled corn or a medley of roasted vegetables, in hearty soups or slow-cooked hotpots. Use it as a handy condiment in place of salt and pepper.


Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. See best before date.


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